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Best-Leader-SJ’s Birthday Quote Pictures Photobook

1st July will be forever ELF’s favorite date since it’s our best-leader-Leeteuk’s birthday. It will always bring happiness for us, because we, ELF around the world, will celebrate it together. So, today for celebrating it also, angels from ELFquotes are going to have something special to do, something special to give:)
We will make Best-Leader-SJ’s Birthday Quote Pictures Photobook and give it to one of you.

What is that?

So, we will make a photobook from our old quote pictures (those which have been posted on our tumblr) but not all, it will be special Leeteuk edition.
Note: The contain, form, and size will depend on ELFquote angels’ decision.

How to get it?

You need to join our contest to make Leeteuk’s Birthday Quote Picture. We will pick one as the winner and put his/her work inside the photobook (all will be printed together).

Condition :

    • The quote must be about our best-leader-SJ Leeteuk.
    • The theme of picture is free. But if you want to use Leeteuk’s photo, use the official one, not fantaken. Unless you took it by yourself (or have given permission to use that).
    • The form or size is free.
    • One participant can make max 2 Quote Pictures (QP).
    • Submit your QP :
      • (HD quality) send to elfquotes.qpcontest@gmail.com with your personal identity (name, username twitter, age, country).
      • (Lower quality or same with the original) upload to your twitter and mention @EQ_ANGELS
    • Deadline 7 July 2013 at 00:00 KST.
    • The winner will be annouced at 20 July 2013.

    Note: The winner of contest will be absolutely ELFquotes Angels’ decision which can’t be changed (it must have been done by some judging points, discussion, and voting by all of us).

    you can check the example of QP on http://elfquotes.tumblr.com/

    EQ’s Angels

    "I maybe just a part of your world, But for me you are my world.." 

    "you are amazing in every way.i hope you knew that” -ELFquotes-

    "Because when i have to drown in one ocean, it will always be Sapphire Blue  Ocean..”

    Some idols strip on stage and make women fall for them. But YOU, you just open your mouth and sing yet you kill them every time..

    quotes by @ 

    So this what heaven’s feel when they missed one of their Angel? It is that hard for letting him go 

    So… please keep smile :)

    because your smile is more precious than anything <3